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From Ramping Up for A Career in IT
by Mary A. Nelen for www.CareerBuilderIT.com

Billions of dollars in venture capital were invested last year in new IT companies. As soon as the “killer deal” is signed, the race for a “killer team” begins--to ensure that the company remains the darling of the funders.
That means an almost instantaneous ramp up, with people who can “hit the IT ground running” in great demand. One good example of a company that did the speedy ramp-up is Massachusetts-based Akamai Technologies. In Hawaiian, Akamai means “cool.” In the parlance of Wall Street, Akamai means the second highest IPO in the history of Nasdaq. In October last year when the Internet software firm went public raising $234 million, all seventy employees at the firm became millionaires; even a 19-year-old intern suddenly counted his wealth in seven figures.

“One of the ways we stay focused is to have all employees write down what their goals are each quarter and indicate who they depend on to help them meet those goals,” said Akamai’s CEO George Conrades. “It’s been quite effective so far. People are surprised to find out who relies on them to reach their goals.”

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