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  Cheri Swales

From Office Romances, Get Out the Fire Extinguisher
by Cheri L. Swales for www.CareerBuilder.com

"Human Resources personnel hope never to be faced with the flame of a fiery romance as they reluctantly draft policies about relationships in the workplace. They know all too well that water cooler gossip spills into the lunchroom and—eventually and inevitably—the executive suite.

Statistically, four out of ten people will become romantically involved at work. If you’re flirting with the idea of flirting at the office, beware. Long glances, subtle smiles and accidental touches in the office--a romance at work--could suddenly make you feel like the company outcast. What may feel sexy and daring to you will likely appear unprofessional to others. And, if you fall in love, you may discover your sweetheart isn’t willing to risk his/her professional life for an office romance."

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