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(A1)                             Basics of Car Buying

(A2)                             Matching Your Car to Your Personality and Budget

(A3)                             What does “standard features” really mean?

(A4)                             The SUV craze---How and when do you jump on?

(A5)                             Approaching the Car Buying Experience           

(A6)                             Buy or Lease? Pros and Cons.

 Many more…    

Career Strategies

Article Number             Article Title

(CS1)                           Temping – how to get the most out of it .  How to approach it.  How many agencies do you sign up with?

(CS2)                           Are you suited to live overseas?  What do you need to know about yourself & the place?

(CS3)                           What to say on the resume and interview when you have been laid off, fired or taken a break (be it maternity, travel, volunteer work). How do you deal with anything that could be perceived as a negative?  Interview tips, etc.

(CS4)                           Radical career change – how to decide if it’s right. What preparations should you make. how to psyche yourself up; what educational requirements need to be considered

(CS5)                           Learning to use flex time effectively so you can go to school, enjoy outdoors, pursue a hobby

(CS6)                           Working internationally – how do you do it?  What resources are there to find out what’s available?  What kind of paper work is involved?

Many more…



Article Number            Article Title

(C1)                             What's a salad lover to do? (Avoiding food poisoning)

(C2)                             The Skinny Scoop on Dipping

(C3)                             The Lowdown on New Cholesterol Guidelines

(C4)                             Top Farmer’s Market Picks

(C5)                             The Mediterranean Diet

(C6)                             Ten Easy Ways to Get More Veggies into Your Day

Many more…


Article Number            Article Title  

(E1)                             Viewing Travel as an Extension of Your Education

(E2)                             Student loan interest is once again deductible.

(E3)                             Having the government subsidize your undergraduate or graduate level courses, two new tax credits.

(E4)                             On-line certificate programs- what are the good sites?  How do you do it? What are the caveats?

(E5)                             Looking at the right graduate degree – what’s right for your career goals.

(E6)                             Getting computer help -- What are the resources – How to figure out how to get help without frustrating yourself? Online help, manuals, phone support, chat rooms


Article Number             Article Title 

(F1)                             Finding Financial Counseling You Can Afford

(F2)                             Credit Cards – How many and how to manage them.

(F3)                             The possibility of homeownership may be closer than you think.

(F4)                             Interest Rate Changes

(F5)                             Helping Elders Deal with Finances

(F6)                             What to do financially if you’re planning to have a family.

Many more…



Article Number            Article Title  

(H1)                             Which diets really work in the long run?

(H2)                             You can lose weight exercising just 15 minutes a day--and you don't need a gym.

(H3)                             What kills us? (Leading causes of death and how to avoid them to extend your life span)

(H4)                             Is it cold or is it flu? (Plus information on latest drugs that cut the flu down to size)

(H5)                             Finding reliable health information online

(H6)                             Face the facts about skin care products

Many more…



Article Number            Article Title  

(IN1)                           Stretching your insurance $ - Lump sum payment vs. installments, etc

(IN2)                           Umbrella insurance – What is it and why is it a good idea?

(IN3)                           Reducing your premium on various insurance policies

(IN4)                           Making the big bucks changes insurance plans

(IN5)                           The Cost of a DUI/DWI

(IN6)                           How to reduce health insurance costs – Losing weight, stopping smoking, etc.  

Many more…



Article Number            Article Title     

(L1)                             The dorm is not longer an option

(L2)                             Why you need health insurance & how you can get it affordably

(L3)                             Ten Hot Tips for Car Maintenance.

(L4)                              Dressing for the job.  What’s in and what’s out?  How to stretch your wardrobe dollar.  What do you want your clothes to say for you?

(L5)                              Should you, as a single, new-job taker, have a pet and what to keep in mind if you are contemplating the companionship of cat or dog (or other).

(L6)                             Telephones – How do you work out efficient use of shared lines?

Many more…



Article Number           Article Title  

(P1)                             Flying Solo with Two Toddlers in Tow

(P2)                             The Ups and Downs of Raising Young Kids Close in Age

(P3)                              The Best Present You Can Receive After the Birth of Your Child

(P4)                             Being a Father for Two Families

(P5)                             Tips on Selecting the Right Daycare Center for Your Child

(P6)                             Balancing Work and Family When You are Working Out of Your Home  


Real Estate

Article Number                 Article Title 

(RE1)                         The Inside Scoop on Foreclosed Homes 

(RE2)                         When the market is against you: How to buy a home in a seller's market. How to sell a home in a buyer's market

(RE3)                        Renter's & Homeowner's Insurance

(RE4)                        How are finances affected by geography?

(RE5)                        Crossing the Mason Dixon Line

(RE6)                        Negotiating Better Relocation Benefits



Article Number            Article Title  

(TE1)                            Computers Plug ‘n Play. What is it? How does it compare with integrated computers? What are some good devices?

(TE2)                            Printers – Dot matrix vs. laser vs. bubble jet vs. ink jet. What about printer/fax combo machines?

(TE3)                           PUSH technology – What is it, what are the advantages, what are the down sides?

(TE4)                            Voice Recognition – What’s the latest development, cost, does it work, what companies are at the forefront – Dragon still leading the way?

(TE5)                            Equipment and software that allow you to work wherever you want. What you need to need to know about – palm pilots, lap tops, cell phones. What’s the new stuff?  Best Internet sites that allow people to confer online.

(TE6)                            Becoming more proficient on your computer – Taking courses, on the job training. What’s best for you? Cost – who offers them – private companies, comm. colleges, etc.?

Many more…



Article Number            Article Title  

(TR1)                            How to pack lightly and have a versatile wardrobe

(TR2)                            Health on the Hoof – Pay attention to your health. Get your prescriptions in order.

(TR3)                            Going overseas? All you need to know about getting your passport, visas and shots in order before going abroad.

(TR4)                            Jet Lag – Preparations and Treatment – Dos & Don’ts.

(TR5)                            Renting an RV and making the most of it – What do you need to do before you get on the road?

(TR6)                            Traveling with Kids

Many more…





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