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Special Sections Resource Page  

This is your all-in-one resource for professionally written, localized, customized, affordable articles for your special sections. We have hundreds of colorfully written articles, in a variety of categories, that will help turn your sections into award-winning, high-income-generating publications every time. And our professional writers and editors are ready to follow up by adding the local information that will make the article relevant to your own market. With every order, we’ll call you to get local contacts (usually your regular advertisers) to give your article local flavor. And don’t be afraid to call us to fill that hole that always appears on deadline. Your article is ready to be emailed to you in Word format in 24-48 hours.  

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We also offer pre-packaged, ready-for-print sections with professionally designed page layouts like these, in Quark or PDF formats: 



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Coming Soon: In just a few weeks we’ll have the capability of providing customization/localization services for pre-designed sections, as well as individual articles!

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 Price List

Individual Articles                              $50 each                                 Customized: $100

 Article Packages

 3 articles                                             $125                                        Customized: $250

6 articles                                             $250                                        Customized: $500

10 articles                                           $500                                        Customized: $850


Special Sections                                 $250                                       

(Usually including 6 articles,

  design and art)                                


Section Packages


3 sections                                            $700                                       

6 sections                                            $1,200                                    

10 sections                                          $1,800


If you need more information, click here, send us your questions and contact information and we’ll get right back to you.       



If you’d like to order one of our “off-the-rack” articles or special sections, or arrange to have one or more of our articles customized, fill out and submit the form below. (Be sure to include a PO number for billing purposes.) If you're ordering one of our "off-the-rack" articles or sections, we'll send it right out to you. If you opt for localization, one of our writers will call you immediately to start the process of turning our articles into your special sections!  We guarantee you'll have your localized article within 48 hours of our writer's call.




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